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2021-2022 Update
Here's a video I made with a GoPro Hero 9 and Iphone while visiting Whitefish, Montana. I also composed and produced the music in the piece.
2020 Update
I was the Director of Photography for the Psychos & Socios official music video. We shot on a sweet rooftop in downtown LA and the music is phenomenal! Shot on my Red Scarlet W Dragon.
Psychos and Socios Trailer
Below is the trailer for the feature-length film, Psychos and Socios. I was the Director of Photography.  We shot on the Sony a7S II and used two camera teams.
The song linked above is the theme song for that feature film, which is available on Amazon!
Fall 2018 Update 
Check out some pictures I took in Oahu over the summer. This view is looking south at Mokolii Island, commonly known as Chinaman's Hat.
Spring 2018 Update 
Check out the finished posters I designed for feature film In Echo Park.
Fall 2017
Cool, A choose-your-own-adventure, adventure. "Dave and Kira install a smart thermostat in their new home. What could go wrong?" I did the cinematography and editing for this project. 
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